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Girrit Concept by Kziira
Girrit Concept
Made for :iconchance-city:.

So, not all information in this description will be canon unless the founder ( TatendaART ) says so.


Girrits are a primarily carnivorous mammalian species. They are believed to have long existed before Humans, Narts and even Dread Elves. They were a generally traditional and passive race until enslaved by the Dread Elves for several decades. During this time, majority of them slowly developed rebellious trouble-making personalities. Very few Girrits these days are as passive as they used to be. Even once freed they fought for their own rights and earned their place in the advancing world. They also generally are prideful in the creation of Chance City, despite their ancestors being enslaved and forced to do it.

Girrits claws are extremely useful for many activities. Such as mining. This also made them very dangerous in close combat, being able to cut through flesh quite easily. Their claws are also able to be bended by themselves, making it easier to grip onto objects.

Their whiskers act much like a cat's, giving them a heightened awareness of their surroundings. They also determine gender. A male will generally have longer whiskers. The longest whiskers recorded of a Girrit were about the size of their whole body!

The "mane" on their head and neck can reach down to the halfway points of their back, and it's not very uncommon for them to tie it up near the ends of their hair.

They are also known to jump great heights and distances, due to their great leg muscles.

They used to never speak through their mouths and instead communicated through sounds created through their nose. The upper nostrils produced louder noises while the lower ones produced quieter noises which could only be heard by each other, which greatly helped with stealth. Rarely today will Girrits communicate this way.

Girrits reproduce much like humans, except a female can only give birth three times in their entire life. The months it takes for a Girrit to be born is about 11.

... And that's about it I have so far.

© Me
Girrits © TatendaART
Don't Mind This. by Kziira
Don't Mind This.
Teaser for something I'm working on? :^)

Moving to scraps later.
Purple Hero by Kziira
Purple Hero
Just to let you guys know I'm still alive. 
I got lazy with the background. :/

The art belongs to me. Do not redistribute or reproduce without rightful permission.
Spyro and Sparx currently belong to Activision I think?
Shuhei Fox Wedding WIP by Kziira
Shuhei Fox Wedding WIP
I'll never be as good as Kanoko senpai-- /sobs

Of all the Black Bird characters why did I draw Shuhei. I never even liked him-
Anyway, this was inspired ( the mask also comes from this ) by this song I've recently been listening to;

It just seemed to fit in with Black Bird somehow. And maybe even Shuhei's intents. too bad for him. he's dead now lol

Shuhei © Kanoko Sakurakoji.
Art © Me.


Kziira's Profile Picture
. . .
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Greetings. My name is Kziira (pronounced 'key-ra'). But you can call me Ki.
I'm still a young learning artist. Quite a bit of the stuff I draw and/or write tends to be morbid, but I do try to balance it out with cute things and other stuff. I like to experiment with different kinds of arts when I can. I'm honestly pretty lazy however.

As you may be able to tell, I am an primarily an avid anime/manga and video game fan of many things. I tend to be fickle though, moving from one thing to the next or back and forth.
I don't like to be called an Otaku so please don't.

Personality wise, I'm pretty optimistic about things but can quickly go pessimistic. I'm not really as serious as my bio here speaks. Don't be afraid to approach me because I'm too afraid to approach you. <3

^Click for index for other stuff ( requests, role-play info, etc.).^

I love him... by Romaji
together since 5.1.14

EDIT: I made the group. :iconk-urotadori:

I have decided to make a role-play group based off of Black Bird. However I am having a few doubts and difficulties. Would anyone be willing to help me? c:

First problem is that, according to lore of the storyline of this manga, there can only be one Senka Maiden existing at a time. My character will likely be the Senka Maiden, however, do you think this will this be okay with other role-players in the group? Will they get jealous? Is there anyway to maybe make it fair? I'm just nervous about this.

My second problem is that if I do make the group, how would I get people interested or wanting to join? People don't have to join of course, but the Black Bird fanbase is albeit... a bit small or is difficult to find sometimes. At least from my point of view. Maybe it's bigger than I know.

That's all for now, but I really hope you can maybe help out or give me some suggestions. Sorry if I waste your time. :iconuhuhuhuplz:

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